When will the Mexico - US border reopen?

After almost two years of the world struggling through one of the largest pandemics in modern history, including nationwide lockdowns all over the globe, mass vaccinations, and continuing supply shortages of both necessary and luxury goods, the world is finally beginning to reconvene some normalcy. Yes, you can still experience mask requirements, especially in densely populated areas, some places require proof of vaccine status, and there are still significant supply chain problems, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Travel has been one of the most affected industries globally, including between the United States and Mexico, leaving many wondering when the border will reopen.

Why is Reopening the Mexico-U.S. Border Important?

For generations, people have traveled across the border for several reasons: work, health, family, and vacation. Many Mexican citizens travel across the border into Texas, Arizona, and California each year to visit family that lives in the U.S. and have been unable to do so for almost two years. Mexican citizens and U.S. citizens alike travel across the border for shopping and work purposes. Medical tourism is a significant industry for border cities in Mexico as is traditional tourism.

A specific demographic that has been severely affected by the land border closures have been those that are considered “informal” workers. These are self-employed individuals that work cleaning homes and businesses, work as handymen and mechanics, and in construction and agriculture. These workers fill needed positions across the border cities of the U.S. and travel across the border daily to work and then back home. Many of these workers have families to support and were not granted work visas, inhibiting them from getting to their jobs, therefore, suffering significant losses in much-needed income.

Traveling across the land borders between Mexico and the U.S. is a simpler, less expensive method of obtaining services and goods that they need. It can be very inconvenient and costly for people to travel further to get to cities that offer the same types of goods and services. For many people, traveling freely between the two countries had been a normal way of life prior to Covid-19.

When is the Mexico-US Border Reopening?

November 8th the border officially opened to vaccinated Mexican citizens with tourist visas. Finally, the world has become a little bit more normal for millions of people. Just in time for the holidays, which many people have missed their families for over the last two years. Although essential travel had been allowed for more than a year, non-essential travel was still banned for land border crossing, which for border cities is the predominant method of travel for people. November 8th all of that changed and now families are being reunited, businesses in both countries that depend on border-crossing patrons can breathe easier, and people can begin traveling for fun again - safely, of course!

What is Required for Crossing the Border?

All adults age 18 and over will have to show proof of CDC-approved vaccination. The proof can be in Spanish or English and can be physical or electronic. Children will not be required to have proof of vaccine status. Additionally, all travelers will have to have a valid tourist visa. It is also important to note that even essential travelers will have to provide proof of vaccination beginning January. As border crossing travel becomes the norm once again, the lines are very long and the wait times longer. Be sure to have all of your paperwork or documentation together and easily accessible to make the transition smoother. Plus, don’t forget to get Binational Car Insurance for your vehicle during your trip.


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