Best Vacation Spots in Baja California

Baja California is a state in Mexico just a short drive from San Diego.

It has beautiful beaches that sit alongside rolling Pacific waves. Baja California boasts a variety of scenery and weather due to the mountain ranges and proximity to both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.

Delicious wine, artisan boutiques, and cerulean waters are just some of the amazing experiences for travelers.

From beautiful flora ro incredible sunsets, Baja California is a feast for the eyes. Spend time swimming with sea turtles and watching for whales.

Tijuana has seen many changes as of late bringing Mexican culture to the forefront of the main thoroughfares. Tijuana is a large city and with any large city, wandering off the beaten bath can come with unknown dangers. But that shouldn’t keep travelers from enjoying the beautiful climate, beaches, and fine dining that Tijuana has to offer. Because it is a large city, many transit options are available, although walking is the best way to take in the city. The cultural center, art galleries, restaurants, and luxury hotels are just a few more of the wonderful reasons to visit Tijuana.

Ensenada, just a short distance from the border, is a busy and beautiful town located right on the sea port. Enthusiasts of all types will find something that interests them. Scrumptious restaurants, luxurious hotels, and a lively nighttime scene will keep travelers fed, dancing and rested. Outdoor enthusiasts can water activities such as kayaking and surfing, and those that like to take to the trails can enjoy hiking and mountain biking. If you prefer quieter activities, there’s several historic landmarks turned museums to take in, as well as whale watching and cave exploration. Wine enthusiasts must take in the Valle de Guadalupe while in Ensenada. San Felipe, a quiet fishing village on the eastern side of the peninsula sits right on the Gulf of California. The village caters to U.S tourists while still keeping local Mexican culture alive. In San Felipe, travelers will find excellent food, fun shopping, and several attractions. Watch the tides, participate in watersports and enjoy year round festivals. Fishing, boat rides and see the incredible cardon cactus should also be on the list.

Northern Baja National Parks are a great option, especially for those interested in hiking and camping, though they are perfect for a daytrip as well. Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Mártir has 170,000 acres of protected natural beauty. Filled with pine and cypress trees and towering mountains, the park is considered one of the best protected natural parks in Mexico. While there, look to the skies for the California Condor, and keep an eye out for bobcats, coyotes, bighorn sheep and other wildlife that call the area home. Experienced hikers may enjoy hiking to the 10,000 foot-high Pichaco del Diablo. Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857 is located near Ensenada and known for being quite beautiful. Also filled with pine trees, travelers can expect to see many types of wildlife throughout the park. The lakes often dry up during the summer season, but fill again during the winter season due to higher rainfall and even snow. Both parks have cabins that can be rented or campsites that are available.

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