What Can You Do in Ensenada for a Day?

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore Ensenada, Mexico, then you must plan your trip there as soon as possible. Especially if you live within driving distance of the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, a trip to Ensenada is an international getaway within reach.

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Once you have your travel plans all locked in, you can begin by mapping out your route through Baja and deciding which cities to visit. While there is a plethora of beautiful places to stop, we will focus on what to do when spending a day in the beautiful city of Ensenada.

Ensenada is a seaside city, and it is actually the third largest in Baja. It is only a few hours away from Tijuana. If stopping in this area for a day, here are the attractions you do not want to miss:

1. Grab a drink at Hussongs

Hussongs is one of the oldest bars in the entire peninsula of Baja California (it is around 125 years old). Locals and tourists both mix and mingle here, indulging in history while sipping on two-for-one margaritas.

2. Stroll down the boardwalk

Along the port is a long promenade known as the Malecon, or boardwalk. This is the perfect spot to watch all the fishing boats come in and out of the port. Pop into the local fish market to see how the locals buy and sell their fresh fish. While on the shore, listen to lively bands playing music for the spectators.

3. Take a seaside selfie

The views in Ensenada create photos that are truly worth 1,000 words. Stop at the Ensenada time for a colorful selfie with the city’s name, surrounded by a beautiful blue and mountainous background.

4. Explore from the water

No trip to Ensenada is complete without a boat tour, especially if you visit during the wintertime. Winter is the perfect season for whale watching, although any time of the year has beautiful scenery to experience.

5. Indulge in the freshest catch

Being so close to the ocean has its advantages besides just beautiful views. The seafood in Ensenada is second to none. No trip is complete without an order of fresh ceviche tostadas.

6. Go to the beach

Last but not least, is the obvious activity - go to the beach! Though it’s not a white sand beach like some of the other spots in Mexico, it is a nice beach to explore any season. (Although it won’t be swimsuit weather in the winter it’s still a great day to explore with a coat!) Take a brisk walk along the sand during low tide. You can even join in a beachfront yoga or workout class. If you have enough time, head 45 minutes from the downtown area to experience La Bufadora during high tide. It is a beautiful marine geyser that sprays from the pressure of water crashing into it. (The road to this spot is equally incredible).

If you’ve never been to Ensenada, be sure to visit on your next trip across the border. Just a few hours from the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, this city is a perfect stop in Baja for a day (or even two)!


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