How to Get a Medical Pass to Expedite Border Crossing

The San Diego to Tijuana border crossing is one of the busiest borders in the world. Whether you’ve done the Tijuana border crossing walking or driving many times, you know how populated the area is. If you’re a seasoned crossing expert, or are planning your very first Baja California adventure, there are a few tips to expedite border crossing that you should know.

Fastest way to cross Tijuana border

Though the process for completing the border crossing from the San Ysidro area of San Diego into Tijuana is pretty simple, it can definitely be quite time consuming if you’re not aware of the process and how to speed it up. There are a number of factors that can cause total time to fluctuate, including the time of day you are crossing and your method of crossing. Two ways to minimize the time spent waiting are having a medical pass and securing temporary Mexico auto insurance ahead of time.

When driving to Tijuana from San Diego, there are actually a few different lanes to enter with your vehicle. The wait times for each tend to vary significantly. General public entrance lanes can take you anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours or more to get over the border. When you’re trying to get to Tijuana, especially to travel or visit a medical office, that is precious time to be spending trapped on the road. With a medical pass, you’ll have the ability to travel in the Fast Pass Lane otherwise known as the “FastLane” for short. The average wait time spent in this lane is approximately 30 minutes, though sometimes travelers report that it can take as little as 15. This FastLane is not to be confused with some of the other short lines, though. It differs from the SENTRI and Ready Lanes which are meant for commuters who travel back and forth doing the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing regularly. Unlike the other quick lanes, getting a pass to use the FastLane will not cost you anything. The FastLane is meant for those taking medical and tourism trips. By obtaining your free medical pass from your Tijuana doctor’s office, you can cut ahead, avoiding a huge portion of the line at the border. A large number of medical practices in Tijuana, Ensenada and Rosarito offer them. This can get you into Tijuana sometimes hours ahead of those who are crossing through the normal lanes. Just be mindful that each pass is for one-time use and can only be used when the lanes are open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

If you are driving into Mexico from the U.S. using your fast pass, securing your temporary Mexico auto insurance ahead of time will be another huge time saver. Unfortunately, from the moment you cross the border, your U.S. car insurance is no longer valid. The liability requirements of Mexico are not covered in your domestic auto insurance policy. To ensure you are in compliance, you should have proof of insurance before entering the country. Though you can certainly purchase the insurance at a Mexican insurance store in San Ysidro, it can get pretty crowded. You also don’t want to waste the precious minutes you’ve saved by obtaining a Fast Pass just to wait in line to buy the coverage. When you purchase the Mexico travel insurance online ahead of time from a company like Border Mexican Insurance, you will also have the benefit of being able to price compare and read Mexican auto insurance reviews to choose the best coverage for your trip.

Border Mexican Insurance is one of the leading Mexican insurance stores serving those crossing the border into Tijuana. With years of experience and coverage ranging from the minimum Mexico requirements to full automobile coverage, you can rest assured they’ll provide everything you need.

Overall, obtaining a medical Fast Pass can save you ample time when you’re ready to complete the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing. By having your pass secured and your Mexico car insurance covered, you can maximize your time in beautiful Baja California. Just wave goodbye to those spending hours in line as you whiz by!


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