Travel to Mexico Requirements 2022

Planning a trip to Mexico? You’re probably wondering what the requirements are to travel to Mexico as of 2022. Considering all the changes that have occurred over the last few years, that’s certainly an important question! Traveling internationally always carries with it specific questions and requirements, but with Mexico being so close to the United States, many American citizens visit Mexico at least once, if not several times. But, with vaccine requirements in some countries, negative COVID-19 tests, health declarations, and not to mention the usual requirements, it can be daunting to figure out precisely what you need to travel. Well, this guide will help answer those questions for you!

Is a Passport Required for Mexico?

The short answer is yes. But, there are some details you want to be aware of as well. Did you know that there is such a thing as a Passport Card? Using the Ready Lanes, these cards often reduce the wait time at the land border crossing. If you travel by air, you will need a regular passport for the airlines. *Important: your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the date you’re crossing the border.

If you aren’t already familiar with Ready Lanes at both the northern and southern U.S. borders, they are dedicated lanes for travelers with special travel cards. These RFID cards allow travelers to move through lines more quickly. Examples of Ready Lane-eligible cards are U.S. Passport Cards, Trusted Traveler Program cards, and Enhanced Driver’s Licenses.

Other Important Documents You Will Need

In addition to a passport or passport card, you will need to complete a Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) with you, also known as a Mexican Tourist Card. These forms can be obtained online, and you are encouraged to fill them out ahead of time. Non-US or Canadian citizens will also need a visa or visa waiver to enter Mexico.

You may also need documentation to provide proof of your reason for visiting, such as your hotel or resort reservation.

A COVID-19 health declaration form may be required upon entry to Mexico, although you are not required to produce a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination proof and are not required to quarantine.

Documents for Driving to Mexico

If you’re driving to Mexico, you will need a couple more important documents: vehicle insurance and a temporary import permit. What’s important to note here is that the vehicle insurance must be through a Mexican auto insurance company. Fortunately, several online companies can take care of you in just a few minutes. You will also need to have a valid U.S. Driver’s License and vehicle registration documents.

Your U.S. car insurance absolutely will not be valid in Mexico. You must obtain insurance through a Mexico-based insurance company. There are several reputable companies; just do your research online! Most of these companies have online forms that take just minutes to complete and get your policy set up in no time. Fortunately, these companies understand that you likely need a temporary policy and typically have several options, so you don’t end up with unnecessary coverage.

COVID-19 Requirements

Mexico has been one of the least restrictive countries throughout the pandemic. The federal government doesn’t require vaccinations, quarantines, or wearing masks in public places. It is important to note that individual states or cities can require masks, social distancing, and other protocols to be followed. Many shops and restaurants also require masks. Many indoor attractions and restaurants have limited space to allow for social distancing, so booking as much ahead as possible is strongly encouraged.

Mexico is one of the easiest places for Americans to visit, but just like any international travel, you must have the right paperwork. See you in Mexico!


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