Top 10 Mexico Travel Tips

If you’ve never been to Mexico, there’s a few things you’ll want to know before visiting. Likewise, if you haven’t been to Mexico in a long time, reading up on some updates may help you navigate the country better.

Here, you’ll find some must-know travel tips for 2022. Share them with friends and family so that everyone can enjoy Mexico at its finest!

Mexico Travel Tips to know

#1: Keep the FMM paper slip you get at customs.

Every time you enter a country, you must go through customs with your belongings after the flight. This process requires you to speak with a Mexican immigration officer and hand over your passport for stamping or legal authorization. When you get your passport back, be sure to immediately take out the immigration form handed to you and store it in a safe place. You’ll be asked to show this FMM paper slip when exiting the country.

#2: Don’t drink the tap water.

The tap water in Mexico is not safe to drink whatsoever. Do not drink it from the sink, in the shower, or if it’s offered to you. Yes, we understand that Mexico is a very hot place to travel to and you will need to hydrate daily. That means you’ll either have to spend copious amounts of money on bottled water or remember to pack a water bottle with a travel-grade filter you can take anywhere with you.

#3: Toilet paper does not get flushed.

Avoid toilet flooding at all costs and be sure to throw the toilet paper in the trash bin; no flushing allowed! Simply put, the pipes aren't built to handle an excess of toilet paper, so if you go #2 and need to do a lot of wiping, you’ll also do a lot of damage control when the flood starts. Some hotel bathrooms may be different, just ask an employee before taking the risk.

#4: Use a VPN for digital protection.

Identity thieves are finding it easier and easier to hack in and steal information from travelers visiting Mexico. In some instances, people have connected to local Wi-Fi for internet connection without knowing that they’re handing over valuable information to nearby scammers. That can include bank details, passwords, and all other sensitive data. To avoid this unfortunate event, use a VPN to securely encrypt your data. It’s not that expensive and you’ll be happy you did it in the long run.

#5: Always pay in pesos.

You can pay for anything in Mexico with the U.S. Dollar, it’s true. However, it is not recommended! The exchange rate will make it seem like you’re just handing out money left and right. Do your research ahead of time and find a bank back home that doesn’t overcharge you. Or, use a credit card that gives you a good rate without foreign transaction fees.

#6: Car rental scams are a thing in Mexico.

In an attempt to steal your money, car rental companies in Mexico will request a very small amount of cash from you in exchange for the rental vehicleIn an attempt to steal your money, car rental companies in Mexico will request a very small amount of cash from you in exchange for the rental vehicle. Some may say as lowas $1/day. If you see this, run the other way. Why? Because nine times out of ten, they’ll try to shove extremely overpriced insurance down your throat and you’ll feel warranted to hand over the money.

#7: Restrooms marked with an “M” are for the women.

Women in Spanish is “mujeres.” Which means if you’re a man and you’re looking for the “male” sign, you’re not going to find it anywhere. Instead, you’ll want to look for the door that’s marked with an “H” for “hombres.” Sometimes, the restroom will also have a “C” for “caballeros.” Just be careful before you go walking in on one of the ladies trying to take care of business.

#8: Don’t skimp on travel insurance

Don't risk traveling without insurance. Travel insurance is not expensive compared to what could happen if you skimp on it. Also, if you plan to drive in Mexico, you'll want to consider both liability and rental coverage. So get your insurance and travel with peace of mind.

#9: Have copies of accommodation reservations and outbound flight tickets on hand upon arrival in Mexico.

Until a few months ago, Mexico would give just about anyone 180 days in the country more or less automatically. But, not anymore! Recently, Mexico’s immigration service (INM) has started cracking down – hard. Now at the airport they will ask you for exactly how many days you need and, if it's longer than a month or so, may require proof you’re actually leaving. So, have copies of accommodation reservations and outbound flight tickets on hand upon arrival in Mexico.

#10: Use Mexico’s Bus Network

Mexico is a much bigger country than most realize, so getting around can be a challenge. And while flights are often a decent value option, don’t forget about the excellent Mexico buses. It can be a great and affordable way to travel, plus you get to see Mexico’s gorgeous countryside.

Follow these tips and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Mexico!


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