Things to do in Ensenada with Family

Ensenada is a beautiful city in Baja California, Mexico - coast? There is so much to do for tourists, no matter what your personal preferences are, from picturesque wineries to delicious food, beautiful vistas to thrilling adventure, relaxation to nonstop action - you’re sure to find several things to do, see, and visit. In fact, there’s fun for all ages in this vibrant community that welcome thousands of visitors each year. For starters, families can take advantage of the Museo de Historia de Ensenada for a short stroll through history. The museum is large enough to enjoy some indoor time out of the sun, but not so large that it loses the kids attention and take time to enjoy the garden too.

Natural Beauty and Wildlife

La Bufadora is both beautiful and fun as the naturally occurring underwater cave spits water out at visitors, leaving them soaked and laughing as they watch the waves crash against the shore. Plus, there are plenty of vendors selling trinkets, food, and drinks along the walk to the cave. Zoologico Parque Del Nino Jersey is an affordable, memorable place to see over 63 difference animal species surrounded by natural vistas, as well as activities for children. Kids can enjoy pools, rides, and playground equipment too. Watch playful sea lions and big crashing waves at La Lobera and nice coastal views.

Adventure Seeking

For the adventurous types and probably somewhat older children, off-road ATV tours are a great way to see the region. Some tours include a stop at a winery for tasting and delicious food. Either way, beautiful terrain will certainly be included. Las Canadas Ecopark offers ziplining, off-roading, mountain biking, and paddle boating, swimming pools and much more. This venue is also touted for its clean restrooms, showers, and barbecue areas, making this a great destination for all day or even camping.

Rancho Los Bandidos offers horseback riding for all ages. They try to pair riders with horses based on their experience level, making this perfect for anyone who wants to try seeing the country via horseback. For a beautiful location to hike, bike, and spend time outdoors, take the family to El Salto Canyon and Waterfall - you can bring a picnic or even go camping!


Mexico is known for having fantastic food options and Ensenada fits the bill. Families can find a number of delicious, kid-friendly places in the area. Punta Morro boasts excellent seafood and view of the bay. Punta en el Cosmos is a space-themed restaurant sure to delight children and adults alike! They have great food and fun shakes and cosmos as well as a playground. Birrieria La Guadalajara is a traditional Mexican kitchen serving beloved family recipes that even the locals enjoy!

Outdoor Fun

Even for those that aren’t looking for thrilling adventure can find fun things to do outside! For example, El Parque de la Bandera is an interactive water fountain and light show. During the day, kids and adults play in the fountain area and get drenched by the fountain when it unexpectedly springs up! Also, at night the fountains are enhanced with light and music for an awesome show that everyone can enjoy. Bahia de Los Angeles is a lovely coastal bay where visitors can fish, surf, camp, and even snorkel!

These are just a few of the fun, exciting, relaxing, whatever-you’re-looking-for things to do in Ensenada with family. Whether you have younger children, older children, or perhaps all adults, your family can certainly find several things to do during a stay in Ensenada. At just a short drive from the border, many families spend three, four, or five days in this bustling city in Baja.


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