Is It Safe To Drive In Mexico With US Plates?

The short answer to the titled question is yes, it is safe to drive in Mexico with US plates. No major issues will present themselves. The locals are super friendly and the roads are pretty well-maintained. It’s an overall pleasant experience.

However, just because it’s safe to drive in Mexico with US plates doesn’t mean you have a free-for-all driving experience waiting to happen.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some tips you should take with you while driving in Mexico. Share them with your friends and family if they plan on taking a trip across the border, too.

Tips to drive safe in Mexico with US plates.

Always pay attention to your surroundings.

Mexico is a foreign country to you; that means you have no idea where the good and bad parts are located. In an instant, you can wind up in a place you shouldn’t be. It may be considered an “accident,” but it’ll definitely be a scary accident.

Keep an eye open and be aware of where you are. Ask a friendly local for advice if need be.

Secure car insurance.

American auto insurance will not cover you for Mexican travel. Which means you have to get additional automobile insurance in Mexico. Check out this link. Follow it and fill out the appropriate information to obtain your travel auto insurance today. Our professionals are waiting by the phone to answer any and all questions, so don’t hesitate to give us a ring.

While you have us on the line, see if you can simply rent a car already insured in Mexico. That route may be a bit easier than insuring your personal vehicle.

Always have the appropriate paperwork handy.

The likelihood of pulling out your driver’s license, passport, auto insurance, and registration is highly unlikely in the US. Unless of course you’re getting pulled over by a police officer.

The same doesn’t stand for Mexico. In fact, there are frequent routine traffic stops that require you to pull out paperwork and show proof of your citizenship and your car’s registration and insurance paperwork.

Our suggestion? Keep it all organized in one spot. Either in a binder, portable file folder, or some other organizational tool.

Brush up on your turn signal knowledge.

Turn signals in Mexico are a bit more complicated than in the US. They mean totally different things.

The basic rules of turn signals is this: Signal the right to turn right and the left to turn left. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just like our rules in America. The differences are this:

  • If you’re on a highway and a vehicle puts their left turn signal on, it’s free reign to pass them on the left.
  • Do not use your turn signals to switch lanes. Simply check if there’s a vehicle there and proceed to pass in between the lines. A turn signal should not be used as a “turn signal” unless you are turning almost immediately.
  • Both turn signals will be put on, also labeled “flashers,” if a sudden stop is coming up. Like that associated with traffic. It’s a warning to the cars behind that it’s time to break.

Avoid driving at night at all costs.

Unless it’s an emergency, try to avoid night driving. Those potholes will get you and ding up your car really bad. They sneak up quickly and don’t give you time to stop or move out of the way - especially considering all roads are dimly lit. even your headlights won’t help.

In addition, the animals on the road are another dangerous obstacle. If you can’t see that far ahead due to lack of light, you’ll never see a wild animal running at your car.


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