Are Clubs in Tijuana Open?

Over the last year, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about the closure of most businesses temporarily, some shutting down for a matter of days while others have been closed for several months, if not an entire year. With the push for vaccinations worldwide, many businesses have begun to resume normal, or close to normal, operations with possibly a few protocols in place. Now, with Summer in full swing, people are anxious to get out and have fun, taking advantage of activities they missed out on during the worst of the closures. One such activity that was hit particularly hard during the pandemic has been bars and nightclubs due to small spaces usually crammed tightly with people.

Tijuana has long been a popular locale for all types of fun activities, not the least of which is the nightlife at bars and clubs. The ease of getting to Tijuana, just across the border into Mexico, makes it a hot spot for U.S. residents to travel to for short or long stays, especially for those in the San Diego vicinity. Now that people are getting out and traveling again, a question on everyone’s mind is, what venues are open that they will be able to visit?

Why Visit Clubs in Tijuana?

Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California, Mexico. Approximately 5 million people cross the border to and from Tijuana each day, taking part in the culture, dining, and shopping opportunities abound in the city. After a day enjoying shopping, art, and culture, taking part in the Tijuana nightlife is a natural choice. Craft breweries, like Cerveza Funes and Border Psycho Brewery, have taken hold in Tijuana, much like it’s neighboring city to the north, San Diego. The rooftop club, Deck22, is known for its views, live music, and service. Las Pulgas offers up inexpensive drinks and a wide variety of music.

Tijuana Clubs Reopening

After approximately a year of closure, a light at the end of the tunnel finally began to faintly shine with the announcement that bars and clubs would be allowed to resume limited operations. Beginning March 8, 2021, the Baja Secretary of Health allowed bars and clubs to start operating at 50 percent capacity. Venues underwent extra sanitation and health inspections prior to opening. While clubbers were required to follow several Covid-19 protocols, the venues were open, and tourists took full advantage of Tijuana’s rules being more relaxed than in San Diego.

Taking the driving route to this city is relatively easy, especially for American and Canadian citizens, especially considering that most clubs and hotels are minutes away from the border crossing.

Current Covid-19 Protocols and Border Crossing Restrictions

Currently, the Mexican government has eased some restrictions nationwide and employed a “stoplight” system for further direction. The four stoplight colors are green, yellow, orange, and red. As Tijuana is in the Baja California state, it is currently under the “yellow” designation; however, the designations are updated regularly using the most up-to-date statistics available. Before traveling, check to ensure that the venues are open as with all Covid-19 related closures protocols, statuses can and often do change rapidly. Businesses such as bars and clubs are at reduced capacity. Residents and tourists are encouraged to continue with frequent hand-washing, social distancing, and wearing masks. Additionally, some cities have additional precautions or a further localized “stoplight” system that may have more restrictions than the nationwide system.


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