5 Things You Need to Know Before Crossing to Mexico

Have you been considering venturing along the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing? If so, you will be one of 50 million other people who make this trip across this popular entry point annually. You heard that right, this border crossing is one of the most prominent in the world, and with that comes the importance of some advance preparation. Knowing these important tidbits of information can make driving to Tijuana from San Diego can be a simple and efficient process. This means less time on the road and more time to enjoy your trip. Who’s in?

1. Do I need insurance to drive to Mexico?

If you are driving to Tijuana from San Diego, having the appropriate auto insurance is absolutely critical. In Mexico, an auto insurance policy for accident liability is absolutely required, as in many areas, getting into an accident is treated as a felony. Though you may have a U.S. policy that applies to the vehicle you are driving, it will not be recognized internationally in Mexico. Check this item off of your list ahead of time by purchasing the Mexico car insurance online and at the minimum, prior to crossing the border. Be sure to read the Mexican auto insurance reviews as you will want to choose a company with the optimal coverage that is reliable and experienced. Companies like Border Mexican Insurance have experienced agents available to help you choose the best coverage plan. Compared to others, they also have a wide coverage net with varying limits. This means there’s a right plan available for every traveler.

2. Can you buy Mexican car insurance at the border?

If you happen to forget to purchase the temporary Mexico auto insurance in advance, there is no need to worry. Prior to beginning the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, you can purchase coverage. There are a multitude of insurance agencies at and near the border to choose from. A word to the wise, plan in some extra time! It is highly likely that there will be a wait since the border areas usually get pretty crowded. It is also important to note that Mexico rental car insurance tends to be a bit pricier when purchased at the border than it does through a larger agency or online.

3. How much does Mexican car insurance cost?

Mexican car insurance prices tend to vary based on your length of stay, make and model of vehicle and how all-encompassing you want the coverage to be. If you’re doing a quick trip, then the minimum insurance tends to do the trick. If you’re planning on an extended stay, you may want to consider a full coverage option. Costs typically start at around $20-$25 per day and then go up. Though typically the cost per day actually goes down the longer you stay in Mexico.

4. Is it safe to cross into Tijuana?

Tijuana is a beautiful, cultural and bustling place that millions of people flock to every year. Regardless of what city you are going to visit in the world, it is important to always travel and behave logically. It tends to be pretty safe to visit Tijuana, though there are some recommendations when visiting. Being aware of your surroundings anywhere you go is key, as is sticking to well-lit areas and walking around with another person versus all alone. If driving your own vehicle, park where there is a lot of activity and avoid taking toll roads at night.

5. What is the best time to cross the Tijuana border?

Like travel in general, the more peak the travel time, the longer it will take you to get from point A to point B. Crossing the border during holidays and weekends is the most congested time, while early in the morning tends to be the quickest and most efficient time to go. If you can also get a Fast Pass or SENTRI access, you can save significant time at the border to put toward enjoying a cold beer and the sites of Tijuana.

Prior driving to Tijuana from San Diego, you should understand these five important topics to ensure you are fully prepared for your excursion. By knowing the best times to cross the border, how to secure Mexico auto insurance and tips to ensure safe, smooth travels, you can almost guarantee your Baja California adventure will be a pleasure.

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