Top 7 Valle de Guadalupe Restaurants

Planning on making a cross border trip into Mexico? Have you considered adding an additional stop on your journey? If you haven’t, you should really reconsider. Valle de Guadalupe is only about two hours south of the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing. It is a destination known worldwide for its production of incredible Mexican wines. Remember that when driving in Mexico the state mandates Mexican Car insurance. In addition to its wineries, the restaurant scene in Valle de Guadalupe is booming beyond belief. Here are the top seven Valle de Guadalupe Restaurants that you will want to bite into.

Corazon de Tierra

This restaurant has truly wowed guests from all over the world and has earned itself a spot on the Latin America 50 Best Restaurants list. The culinary inspiration is traditional Mexican with an international flair. One of the best parts of this restaurant is that the menu is constantly changing. If you can swing it, the six-course tasting menu will have your taste buds rejoicing for a long time. Situated on the Vena Cava winery, it’s no wonder the wines pair perfectly with the flavorful cuisine.

Troika Food Truck

The same owner of Corazon de Tierra also owns another must-visit restaurant on this list. Well, it’s more of a restaurant on wheels - the Torika Food Truck. This is nearby Corazon, but is suited for those looking to grab a delectable bite more casually.

Deckman’s en el Mogor

Chef Drew Deckman is a Michelin starred culinary master who pulls from the El Magor Farm to truly bring the farm to table concept to life. All other ingredients are also sorted locally, even down to the salt used from San Felipe. Watch the sunset while sipping on your full-bodied wine underneath trees adorned with twinkle lights.


In the garden of the La Lomita winery sits Traslomita, a fantastic restaurant with excellent cuisine. The kitchen here is actually located outside. The presentation of the dishes is just as intricate as the flavors that shine through. The 800-gram porterhouse steak is definitely something unique to indulge in as is the honey guava Arroz con Leche.

Finca Altozono

This spot is located at the heart of Guadalupe’s valley. It houses not only a delicious restaurant, but Finca Altozono also has its own bakery. The comfort food dishes you’ll find here hit all the right spots. It’ll be clear from the moment you arrive why it has been ranked in Travel and Leisure’s Gourmet Awards.


Laja can be considered the OG of restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe. This restaurant was founded in 1999 and actually helped but this destination on the map. It has been ranked on the list of 50 best restaurants in Latin America, and visitors everywhere surely agree. Chef Jair Téllez’s whips up unique dishes using his French skillset coupled with a Mexican influence.


The views from Malva are equally as impressive as its cuisine. Go big and get the 10-course tasting menu. Enjoy the sensory experience as you go from course to course, tasting the non-traditional fare with a variety of intriguing flavors.

Aside from being careful while driving if wine tasting on your trip, there is another very important thing to be mindful of, and that is the insurance coverage on your car. When taking your own U.S. vehicle across the border, you may ask, do I need Mexican car insurance? The answer is absolutely yes. Secure your temporary Mexico auto insurance coverage ahead of time with a well-known, reliable company like Mexican Border Insurance, so you can feel confident that you have everything you need. Be strategic about your trip to Tijuana and Valle de Guadalupe so you can visit all of these noteworthy restaurants.


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