Top 5 Beaches in Baja for Surfing

Surfing addicts, whether beginners, intermediates or experts, have always traveled around the world seeking out the most beautiful beaches known for epic waves. But did you know some of the best waves are in your own backyard in Baja California? When planning your next surf getaway, you should consider crossing the border by driving to Tijuana from San Diego to reach these ultimate swells.

Before you do though, aside from bringing your surfboard with you, it’s important to know that you will need Mexico car insurance from an insurance company like Mexican Border Insurance. Be prepared ahead of time so you won’t have to pull up to the border and ask, “Do I need insurance to drive to Mexico?” The answer is yes, as U.S. auto insurance does not apply to the liability standards that Mexico requires in case of an accident. Let the insurance experts at Mexican Border Insurance get you all set up ahead of time. They’ll worry about the insurance so you can worry about catching every wave imaginable. If you’re ready to start planning, then add these top 5 beaches in Baja for Surfing to your itinerary.

Baja Surf Map


This is one of the more popular beaches to visit while in Baja and for good reason. The waves found here can entertain all levels of surfers. Experts should head to the southern end of the beach for the fiercest waves, while beginners should stick to the north to get comfortable. While this is a populated area, you’ll enjoy its benefits – amazing restaurants and surf shops nearby!

Isla Natividad

Are you feeling extra adventurous on this trip? Then add Isla Natividad as one of your must-visit destinations – but only if you’re a daredevil. This tiny island off the west coast of Baja can only be accessed by private plane or boat. The barrel here is called “Open Doors” and is very popular amongst surfing experts. The best time to take on these swells is in the afternoons.

La Pastora - Cabo San Lucas

If you’re an avid surfer, then you’ve probably heard of the name "La Pastora." This is Cabo’s most monstrous wave and for good reason. Reserve this spot only if you’re an expert, as heights can reach up to three times over head. After a long day on the water, head in to town to catch some live music and delectable Mexican cuisine favorites.

Cerritos Beach

If you’re a beginner, there is no need to feel bummed. At Playa Los Cerritos, ideal beginner waves are abundant as they’re considered beach breaks. It’s also home to some great surf schools, which will get you feeling more comfortable in no time. Todos Santos is the closest city to this spot, with its charming haciendas, shops and cobblestone streets.

Punta Abreojos

Punta Abreojos has probably come up a few times when deciding where to visit in Baja as it’s a great spot to not only catch great surf but to also catch sight of some majestic grey whales. This fishing area in Mulege produces incredible lobsters as well as large breaks that can last up to 300 yards. Another cool part about Punta Abreojos? The ocean temperature is about 10 degrees hotter than it is in San Diego, so you’ll want to consider doing the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, pronto!

When planning your surfers escape, be sure to plan ahead, especially if beginning your trip by driving to Tijuana from San Diego. As long as you’re prepared ahead of time with things like Mexican car insurance from Mexican Border Insurance, your surfboard and any additional gear, then you’ll feel so much more focused on catching the most gnarly waves.


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