Top 5 Baja Destinations to Visit in Summer

Summer is a season everyone can get excited about, because school is out and family vacations are in. With so many places to choose from, how can you narrow it down to just one destination? If you’re seeking to visit an international locale with a plethora of activities, beautiful scenery and incredible dining options, then Mexico is the ideal country for you.

The beauty of Mexico is more than its incredible cities - it’s the fact that it is a trip that can be conveniently made from the United States while still feeling like an exotic getaway. If you’re planning out your next trip, these top 5 Baja destinations are ideal to visit in summer.

Cabo San Lucas

May and June are actually the ideal months to visit Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern tip of Baja. Cabo San Lucas has it all, with stunning cliff-side scenery ideal for exploring via land and water. If you enjoy oceans and wildlife, then you’ll love diving at Pulmo, one of the oldest reefs in North America. If traveling with kids, be sure to take a pirate ship cruise, as it’s a unique way to explore the history of Cabo from the water. On land, ATV tours and zipline canopy experiences are a must.


Another must-visit summer destination is Tijuana. One of the best parts about planning a trip here is the convenience of driving to Tijuana from San Diego. Doing the Tijuana border crossing by walking is easily doable, though crossing via vehicle is even more convenient. By having a vehicle, you can explore more of Mexico at your own pace. If driving your U.S. vehicle into Mexico, it is important to note that temporary mexico auto insurance will be required. Companies like Mexican Border Insurance ( make securing the necessary liability coverage convenient and affordable. Using Mexican Border Insurance saves you from having to read through tons of Mexican auto insurance reviews, as it’s one of the most reliable companies specializing in San Diego to Tijuana border crossing. Once in Tijuana, you’ll want to explore the city’s expansive markets like Mercado Hidalgo and cultural immersions like the Tijuana Cultural Center and Avenida Revolucion.

La Paz

A trip to Baja would not be compete without a stop in La Paz, the oceanfront Baja California capital. Not only is La Paz known for its beautiful location and stunning hotels, but it’s also known for its incredible activities. One traveler favorite that you can’t leave without experiencing is swimming with the sea lions. Bring your waterproof camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience. After a day of adventure, head to Malecon and visit one of its many local cafes and restaurants.

Valle de Guadalupe

Looking for a city to unwind with wine? Valle de Guadalupe has been nicknamed the Napa of Mexico with a plethora of incredibly beautiful wineries with one wine more delectable than the next. If you’re driving from winery to winery in your rental car or your U.S. car then you’ll want to secure the proper Mexico rental car insurance prior to your trip. Located to the southeast of the San Diego to Tijuana border crossing, this is a stop you will want to include on your summer trip.

Todos Santos

When visiting Baja, Todos Santos is an artsy destination that should be part of your itinerary. North of Cabo San Lucas, this spot is rich with cultural history and beautiful homes. This city is less touristy but no less magnificent than the others on this list. It’s stunning beaches are a must and cuisine is something your taste buds will never forget.

Cabo San Lucas, Tijuana, La Paz, Valle de Guadalupe and Todos Santos are the top 5 Baja destinations to visit in summer. Start planning your trip today and be sure to give yourself enough time to explore what all of these places have to offer.


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