Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Mexico

Mexico boasts rich, beautiful places throughout the country. Many tourist destinations are incredibly beautiful, but so are off-the-beaten path locales as well. In addition to some more well-known destinations, we’ll take a look at some lesser known places as well to really see what Mexico has to offer.

10 Most Beautiful Places in Mexico

#1: Patzcuaro

Known as the center of the Purepecha people, Patzcuaro offers visitors an opportunity to see the blend of indigenous and colonial cultures through the architecture, celebrations, and shopping. Inside the city is the Lago de Patzcuaro, which is home to several species of wildlife.

#2: Guanajuato

The childhood home of Diego Rivera, which also houses his work, a strange mummy museum, delicious food, and a pink church are just a few of the reasons to visit this gem. The Mercado Hidalgo offers excellent shopping for fresh food, clothing, and handicrafts.

#3: Los Cabos

Los Cabos is well known to travelers everywhere. Cabo San Lucas was once home to pirates, offering visitors the chance to hunt for treasure while snorkeling. The beaches are incredible with plenty of food and entertainment. San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place to go whale watching, sailing, and other water activities.

#4: Oaxaca

If you want to visit a place that has a little bit of everything, Oaxaca is your city. Situated in a mountain valley, this city’s combination of the old and the new delights visitors with historical locales, bright colors, and modern art, in addition to exceptional cuisine. Oaxaca has a something for everyone.

#5: San Miguel de Allende

Another well-preserved Spanish colonial town is San Miguel de Allende, which also offers fine dining and boutique hotels.

#6: Morelia

In the middle of Mexico is the city of Morelia, dating back to 1541. The earliest inhabitants date as far back as the 7th century, at least, according to archeologists. The city has several UNESCO heritage sites and museums.

#7: Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is situated between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains. Sea turtles live in the bay and monarch butterflies live in the mountains. In addition to watching the sea turtles, two beautiful beaches and turquoise waters await.

#8: Isla Holbox

Legend says that when pirates came to the island nearly 200 years ago, many stayed to live there and some locals may even have pirate ancestors! Although the island is just off Cancun’s coast, few people know about it. The island is beautiful and there is plenty to do for everyone, such as bike tours, eating fresh seafood, and relaxing in a hammock on the shore.

#9: Campeche

A beautiful town on the Gulf of Mexico, Campeche is known as one of the best-preserved colonial towns. The city is full of pastel-colored homes built during colonization and ramparts built in the 17th-century to defend against pirate attacks. Campeche is not a well-known tourist attraction so visitors can expect an authentic Mexican experience.

#10: Riviera Maya

Another destination that many travelers are already familiar with is the Riviera Maya. It’s no surprise either with the beautiful beaches and water. Not to mention many historic locales to visit as well as underwater caves and the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.

Honestly, it is impossible to really distill all that Mexico has to offer down to only 10 places. The indigenous culture offers its own rich history as does the architecture from the Spanish colonization. From stunning coastline to the other and everywhere in between there are amazing, incredible, and yes, beautiful places to see, things to do, foods to enjoy, and memories to be made. Hopefully you’ve discovered some places to visit for your next (or first) trip to Mexico!


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