Is It Illegal Not to Have Car Insurance in Mexico?

Mexico is full of amazing places to visit. There truly is something for everyone. Whether you like to relax on the beach, hike the mountains, taste the wines, or admire the culture, Mexico has it. You’ve likely heard wonderful stories about journeys taken in Mexico, perhaps even from someone who has taken a road trip! Now YOU are thinking of driving your way into or through Mexico, but you’ve heard you must have a certain type of car insurance, leaving you wondering – is it illegal not to have car insurance in Mexico? The short answer is yes, and here we will explain why and let you in on some more important information for driving in Mexico.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance in Mexico?

The real issue here is not that you just need car insurance, but it has to be Mexican car insurance. U.S. car insurance policies are not valid in Mexico, just like car insurance from other countries isn’t valid in the U.S. Also, like in the U.S., it is illegal not to have car insurance in Mexico, and being in an accident without Mexican car insurance could land you in jail – for a while. Even if you aren’t in an accident, if you are pulled over for some reason or found not to have insurance, you can still be fined. Furthermore, if you ended up in jail because you caused an accident and don’t have car insurance, you would be there until the Mexican justice system releases you. That could be a very lengthy time. Not a pleasant way to spend your vacation, right?

What Kind of Car Insurance Do I Need?

Not only must your car insurance be through a Mexican car insurance agency, but it must also be a minimum of 100,000 pesos for third-party liability and 50,000 pesos for property damage. Many insurance agencies sell policies that actually cover more than this because of fluctuations in costs on both sides of the border. Additionally, in Mexico, if the accident causes a death of a Mexican resident, you would be responsible for a minimum death benefit to the family of $110,000, but it can be much higher. There are U.S. insurers that partner with Mexican insurers to help American citizens obtain the correct type of coverage for their needs. There are usually different options based on how long you play to be in Mexico, from one day up to one year. Your insurance must reflect the dates you will actually be driving.

Because liability insurance doesn’t cover you, your passenger(s), or your vehicle, you probably want to purchase additional coverage as well. For example, physical damage covers damage to your vehicle or if it is stolen. Other types of additional coverage include medical payments, legal assistance, roadside assistance, and medical evacuation. If you are renting a car in Mexico, the law still applies and you will need to purchase insurance when you rent your car.

All of this may seem a bit daunting, but it is easier than you think and not as costly as you might imagine, just to make sure you are covered if the worst happens! Call us today and we can help you put together the plan that meets your needs so you can have the best trip imaginable – without the worry! Once you have your Mexican car insurance in place, you can rest easy, get in the car and go. Peruse our website for more information about insurance policies and other helpful information about driving in Mexico.


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