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Mexico Car Insurance - Driving in Mexico

Border Mexican Insurance | Mexico Car InsuranceAre you looking for Mexico car insurance? Driving in Mexico can be a convenient way for U.S. and Canada residents to see the country. Many visitors cross the border in their own vehicles. But you will find the driving etiquette to be significantly different from that of U.S. and Canada.

When driving with Mexico car insurance it's a good idea to watch the behavior of the vehicles around you carefully - but don't necessarily follow their lead. If the vehicle ahead of you speeds through a stop sign without slowing - go ahead and stop anyway.

It's a good idea to drive at or below the speed limit, which will be shown (in most places) in the metric system. An easy conversion is that 100 km/h is approximately equal to 60 mph, so if you see 100 km/h posted, drive at around 55 mph (90 km/h). In the U.S. it's common to "push" the speed limits; in Mexico it's advisable to hold back a little. This will mean driving through some small towns at 15 mph (25 km/h).

Have a reliable road map with you. Your first stop in Mexico should be to pick up a map. When driving in Mexico, remember that a straight line is not always the best way from point A to point B. If you haven't driven in Mexico before, and especially if you are not very fluent in Spanish, stick to the toll roads.

Much of Mexico is covered by modern toll roads, most of these are privately owned. They are generally much faster than the toll-free roads, if the latter run parallel, as the toll-free roads will slow considerably as they pass through small towns and villages.

Using toll roads when driving in Mexico is quite expensive: the tolls range from about 25 to 150 Mexican pesos (approximately 2.50 to 15 American Dollars) for passenger cars, depending on the section of highway. If you are planning on making a long drive on toll roads, make sure you have plenty of Mexican pesos with you. U.S. dollars and credit cards are NOT accepted on many toll roads, though they may be accepted in some heavily-touristic areas. The price goes up only if you're in an RV or towing. Also, there can be several toll-booths between cities.

A plus for toll roads is that there are clean bathrooms and snack shops at most toll booths. It's a good opportunity to stretch your legs a bit, have a bite to eat, or visit the restroom before continuing on your way.

Once you get off the main highways, it's common to find potholes, drop-offs, dirt roads, and other hazards. The Mexicans brave these in standard passenger cars, but you'll probably be more comfortable in a higher-clearance vehicle such as an SUV, especially if you plan to visit hot springs, beaches, camping areas, or other off-the-beaten-path locations.

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